Spring brings in fresh air and a new smile with every breeze that blows in.

This post is not really going to be about the table itself, or the Spring season. I wanted to take some time to pay tribute to a person who has one of those hearts you don't see too often.

A heart of Gold. 

Someone who does something because they want too. Not for the applause, money or adoration. Of course when I opened the box and saw the entire contents I was applauding. Sadly no one got it on video, but I am sure you can paint a picture in your mind.


You see a couple months back this super sweet lady who if you haven't been reading her blog, you definitely should, decided to purge items in her house.

She mentioned that if people left a comment they might be eligible to receive a box of goodies. Being a follower of hers for a few years, I knew Rita at Panoply wouldn't make this promise lightly. I also thought it was a super sweet gesture and immediately said a prayer that she didn't get bombed with 200 spammer comments who felt they deserved her loot. I mean I seriously doubt if this woman has ever uttered the "F" word. If anyone deserves a pedestal to be put on, she is one lady of about 10 that I know that truly deserve one.
Creative Centerpiece Ideas

Especially if it turns out that it is true she hasn't never dropped an "F" Bomb.  Lord knows I drop so many these days I should put on the FBI's Watch List.

I'm getting cranky and less tolerant in my old age.

Creative Centerpiece Ideas

Anyway, I honestly wasn't expecting to get an email from Rita asking to start a convo on a box coming my way. But guess what I got that contained all kinds of collected treasures that most junkers like me, WISH we found while out shopping for bargains.

Using vegetables as floral arrangements

The pewter set you see in this post is one of many things I hope to highlight over the course of the next few months. 

Because I not only received a gorgeous pewter pitcher, platter and 6 cups. I also got stunning necklaces, Mexican Sunflower Seeds, a hard to find patina'd outdoor bird spigot!


Tablescape for Spring

Seriously, I hit the jackpot and could not even fathom how her brain works. I mean she just sends this stuff with no thought of real compensation. I mean this is pricey stuff! Oh and wait til you see the Silver Ice Bucket!

I mean hello! Oh and Alycia, I can feel you glaring at me. I will leave the Pewter to you in my Will.

Rustic Tablescape for Spring

She knows I'm laughing right now.

Farmhouse Tablescape for Spring

Putting liquids, sugar and cream in the pewter treasure trove seemed sacrilegious.

So I have just moved them from place to place, admiring them and thinking Tulips from the Garden are going to do them more justice them plain old juice or water.

Farmhouse Tablescape

I was on the hunt for some purple tulips but sadly never saw any. So I decided to go out of the box and use Kale as my flowering centerpieces.

I used the cups I got and tried to showcase their wonderful color.

Pinterest Table for Spring

The Kale seemed to get lost in the pitcher but using the cups and being able to have two small centerpieces seemed to fit this table better.

Table for Spring

I hope you take a minute and go visit her and see for yourself what a gem she really is. 

In her note she gave me one of the nicest compliments I truly have ever gotten.

She said I "keep it real". To me, and the life I have had, with a past full of people who try to change, manipulate and just plain abuse? That was the best thing I could ever hear. That I have stayed true to me. Well right back at ya sister!  I randomly picked a couple of her posts just to wet your appetite. So check them out below and tell her Hi!

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