Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Hi Guys! I decided to give a quick update on how things are coming with my Nieces Baby Shower.

Needless to say I have had a few trials and errors but I think I am finally satisfied and we might be pretty close to final arrangements.

I was so busy playing with diaper cakes and what I could do, that it was hard to pick a favorite!

Baby Shower Ideas

 The diaper cakes I am doing are all going to be on the food tables. I figured these and food were a good combo, since the table centerpieces have dried floral stems in them.

And having that next to the food isn't a smart idea.

Baby Shower Ideas

I just sat the diaper cakes on my table to get an idea on how they'd look and how far apart maybe I could put them before we insert the food.

I also wanted to check in on the larger diaper cake. I am wanting to tighten up the look a bit. The burlap ribbon is not working for me, it looks a bit saggy. I like a crisper look like the other smaller cakes.

So I will have to tweak that one! 

Baby Shower Ideas

I am also thinking of some tiny burlap roses glued to the front.

What do you think?

I bought 4 different kinds of 9" tall paper woodland cutouts to use for diaper cakes and / or banners.  Banners are my next diy I am going to do. I am thinking of using some leftover painters drop cloth and twine. Then gluing the rest of my cutouts to the triangles.

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

 For the food tables Dani wants woodland with a baby feel. So "Auntie", moi, said she would provide them.

I started pricing out centerpieces and of course everything I came up with was about 25 dollars a table. Multiply that by 12 indoor tables and 12 outside ones and we would have to eat bologna for a month.

Yeah, I had to use my brain and figure something out. Well I got lucky!

I was buying small mason jars for the centerpieces and came across some silk green cat tails at Walmart.

Each stalk had 3 tails for two bucks. I estimated that one silk stem per jar would suffice. A couple of days later I scored again at TJ Maxx.

They had huge bags of green moss rocks for 5 bucks. Each bag had 12 rocks. Again, I deemed 3 per centerpiece and cleaned out TJ Maxx of every bag.

Baby Shower Ideas

 A few feet down the same aisle, Moi scored again! They had bundles of wheat for 5 bucks. I bought 3 huge bundles.

One stop at the local craft store and I had a better 2" wide burlap ribbon, and some adorable cutouts that also fit her woodland theme.

Baby Shower Ideas

 The grey ribbon and polka dotted ones are from Hobby Lobby. I honestly have lost my mind in the last few weeks and can't remember for sure which other craft store I got the cutouts from. But It was either Joanne's or Michael's.

Baby Shower Ideas

 The twigs are from Mr Mulberry Tree we cut down last year. I ended up stabbing each moss rock with a stick or BBQ wood skewer to have them IN the centerpiece instead of laying on the table. I thought it looked better.

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

 The wood slices are also from above mentioned mulberry tree. I also still have the moss covered books as well. 

I will bring those also to see if the tables need them. No antlers though, kids are going to be at this baby shower and I think things that can poke an eye out might not be a good idea.

Below you will see I actually got lucky again, so I am feeling pretty darn blessed right now.

Michael's had plain brown boxes on clearance for $1.00. I cleared them out too and a few coats of spray paint and a little decor later, they look like this.

Baby Shower Ideas

I am not sure where we will put these but they may be good for food risers or cupcake holders.

Or maybe just running down the gift table. 

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, there has been a lot going on around here. With all the prep for garden season (buying, spreading mulch, bed clean out and pruning), my Mother In Law, My next door neighbor passed away in his sleep. My Nieces baby shower and just the usual trying to keep the house clean enough that people don't call Hoarders Anonymous it's been kinda chaotic around here. 

Oh and I got (insert big dramatic sigh here) 3 estimates on backyard fences. We have one company that is close to our budget and I think they will do a good job, but I need to save to meet their estimate. I took it with a HUGE grain of sarcasm & salt when 2 out of 3 of the estimators would get in the backyard and exclaim

Wow your yard is big! My blonde brain was being sarcastic and would usually retort "yeah right". It's just under 1 acre.

But a girlfriend pointed out her lot and said most urban lots are only a 1/3rd of an acre. 

I was ready to cry when I got Lowe's estimate. I naively thought since they sell ya know....fencing? maybe you wouldn't charge me retail for it. 

I was wrong. 
I spent an hour doing my own estimate and PVC panels and posts alone (if I bought them for us to install) is 5K. Not including cement, hardware, gates, liquor, aspirin. Their quote was 20K.

Needless to say PVC is completely out. And bye bye cedar too. We will be doing a shadowbox privacy fence with pre-treated lumber. I am going to do some research on how it will look stained a dark black.

So we will see if I can rustify it to my liking.

I just need a fence at this point. 

My garden wants a fence at this point.

My dog wants a fence too.

I know my American Indian Ancestors did a rain dance, I wonder if they ever did a fence dance, cuz I am about ready to start pounding my feet.