Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas. Even just saying it brings everything to a level of realism that Christmas is here, the season of giving.

The season of family and traveling to be together. Maybe that's why I love Christmas so much or maybe it's the food. Ok, a small part of it.

This year I actually started decorating the week before Thanksgiving but I took my time. I got my living room tree done weeks ago but getting this room straightened up long enough to photograph was the problem. 

Professionally decorate a christmas tree

I soaked grapevine coil overnight and then let it drain for an hour before putting it on my pre-lit tree. Doing that made it so much easier to wrap it in the long vine. It still made a bit of a mess but I had a lot less breakage and it was easier to bend and twist the way I wanted it. I also added burlap ribbon, huge pine cones, black ornaments and glass. Every kind of clear glass ornament I could find locally. Online I found two boxes of glass icicles to add to my collection also. 

How to decorate a christmas tree like a professional.

I continued the icy rustic theme on the coffee table with a few glass pieces and some vintage pieces as well.

Living room decorating ideas

If you're new to my blog, the tree below was a Antique store score for 3 dollars as well as a recent find the glass sugar bowl. Which I think that's what it is. but I put it on my coffee table because I liked it there.

Coffee table styling for Christmas

We're looking to have a house full on Christmas Eve. My youngest is on his way here and my oldest will be sleeping over as well so she can wake up Christmas morning with her brother like when they were kids.


Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

My tree topper is an owl this year. I don't do the typical tree toppers as they always seem a bit lacking or under sized. I used the same grapevine cone on top and wired the owl right next to it with lights wrapped around to make sure the glow continues all the way up.

Professionally decorated christmas tree inspiration for the holidays

Rustic decor for Christmas in the Living Room and on the Christmas Tree

I saw some black chalkboards at Walmart this year when I went to buy a new Dining room tree and snatched them up along with some black frosted ornaments which apparently I didn't get a good shot of. Sorry!

Rustic Wintery Christmas Tree

You can sort of see it tucked in below underneath a solid black one.

I went back for more of them but sadly they and 2 other stores close by were sold out.

Living room decor ideas for Christmas

Christmas Tree Ideas for Decorating

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas with a icy rustic christmas tree.

A touch of champagne colored picks and a bit of silver and I called this tree done. All the glass snowflakes and icicles on this tree I am not looking forward to packing it away anytime soon. The glow this  tree gives off at night is just magical.

Christmas Tree Ideas

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas with a icy rustic christmas tree.