Random Garden Projects Video

Re-designing a front yard garden


I have been spending every spare minute I can with friends and gardening, plus Greg of course. I have missed you all, but it sure feels nice to spend time with good people and have fun!

I have been wanting to redesign the front yard a bit for quite a while now so 2 weeks ago i pulled the plug and we started relocating things and buying new shrubs to fill the holes I made by taking stuff out. I tried to document as much as possible by video, which is my new hobby. So if you'd like to see what I am up too a lot quicker, you may want to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Lately it seems easier to post a video then to keep up with all the new SEO requirements and new dashboard blogger has. It isn't giving me any issues, I just hate change.

Anyway, here's a link to my latest video. Enjoy!

Random Gardening Projects


Jeanie said...

Boy, do I ever admire your commitment to your garden. Mine fails big time once I start going to the lake. You can tell how much work it is -- but you must love it. It shows.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Whoa! You did some major work (Greg too!). I don't how you managed that in this heat, but yay for you! Way to go, girl, shoveling in your flip flops, lol. That was always my style too, with tan marks from the straps between the toes. Not my tan marks are like a damn tennis player's, but from walking. I laughed out loud (sorry, Greg) for the shovel break (actually, the cuss words flying part. I can imagine!). I always had a trusty best, so having one break is really kinda sad. I like the tree relocation, and could see you moved butterfly, choc euphorbium, and what is the variegated? Looks like red twig dogwood, but I think you told me otherwise in previous post.
Good work!