Purple Summer Tablescape

Tablescape Ideas for Summer

Tablescape Inspiration for Summer

Hot days of summer are keeping people inside, and I am no exception. 

I decided to do a cool color summer table for entertaining, to keep the illusion that the temperature outside wasn't close to being in an oven.

Ideas for a Summer Tablescape with purple and white dishes

I kept this table as simple and uncluttered as possible. Using light colors feels like I am helping the air conditioner today.

With the News Channels telling us we have a 100 degree heat index coming today, I wanted to do my part.

Quick and easy tablescape for summer using purple and white dishes

I also feel like it is my duty to provide the dog a safe and happy place to cool off, so I am ordering an in ground swimming pool.

Ok, not really.

But if I had the $$$, I sure would! I am sure he would love it more then his favorite spot in the basement.

That's justification enough don't ya think to spend 45K?

The dog would love it?

Yeah, I think "G" would have me declared blonde and brainwashed.

Tablescape with purple dishes

Clean and fresh tablescape for Summer

Purple & White Tablescape for the Home

I am still on a succulent craze. I don't think I mentioned it, but I scored a large planter of them at my local grocer.

I have been able to make about 10 different tiny little planters in addition to planting them in a rustic chicken feeder and I only paid 5.99 for the pot.

I'd say that was a score.

Rustic Tablescape using burlap and easy to care for dishes

Pretty purple and white summer table setting

Well, I need to get my day started, because at around 11 I am going to be closing drapes to help keep the house cool and the A/C from running constantly.

Stay tuned for the Large living room Hutch that I am putting the finishing touches on today. You should see that coming to your inbox on Monday morning. If you missed the building of it then pop on over and read DIY Project for the Home

Table top setting with purple and white dishes

Rustic Table Top Setting with burlap and barnwood

Stay cool my friends!