Bohemian Inspired Summer Tablescape

Bohemian Decorating

Bohemian Tablescape with macrame table runner

I can't say that I am obsessed with trends. But I can say that anything bohemian, has always appealed to me. So I had to do some research and get a refresher course in doing macrame knots.

Because Boho style is back baby!

I saw a bohemian table runner from Anthro and started drooling. 

When the drool starts, so do I! So off I went to find some macrame cord. Well needless to say I must be ahead of the game, because no craft store carries it in my area.

Much to the chagrin of the mileage on my car. 

So I settled on using yarn. Due to the heat wave we were having, it never occurred to my blonde brain to go visit a home improvement store. But there's always a next time, right?

Which worked out for testing my macrame skills and also reminded me how much time you spend with your arms above your head!

It also taught me that yarn, tho cheap is not the best for doing macrame. Now it works, but cord is sturdier and gives you a stronger knot.

Simple macrame knots

Now if you follow me on Instagram you saw my progress. I admit; it did turn out nice, but when I do another one, I will definitely use rope or cord. To cut and macrame a table runner took me about 12 hours. It went a lot faster after I got to the halfway point. Long cords and tangling slowed me down, plus the yarn isn't sturdy enough to withstand tight knots. The tighter the knot, the less you could see the knot.

yellow and blue table setting with elegant bohemian style

I will tell ya this

It's the cheapest and the softest table runner I own! One skein of yarn (skein? ball?) only cost me eight dollars. It was 220 yards and to my shock I used almost all of it.

Cosmos flowers

At least now I'll know how much rope I'll need when I make another one.

Or I may just order the one from Anthro. It's $92.00. 

Yeah I know, that's a lot for a table runner. But if it's going to cost me that much to make?

I'll have to price the rope I find first.

Bohemian Summer Entertaining

Summer Table with macrame table runner

Bohemian style is hitting me so hard, I am contemplating on making a large table for outdoors that's coffee table height so I can have a boho party!

Tons of texture, colorful pillows, lots of reds and purples...

Yeah I need shaddup before I start drooling again.

Using macrame to make your own bohemian crafts

Summer Table Setting

Blue and Yellow Tablescape for Summer

I think this will appease me for a few days.


Table Top Decor using bright and brilliant pops of color

Bohemian Decorating

Bohemian decorating


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