Cottage Garden Photos for Early August

Curb Appeal using a Cottage Style Garden

Cottage Style Garden with late summer gorgeous color

August is here in the garden. Summer is going by so fast, I feel like I should give it a speeding ticket!

 I got more small pebbles laid down for the creek bed aka walking path. Now this isn't a real walking path, but it is wide enough for one person to make their way through to get to the other side.

It comes in handy for watering with a garden hose, that's for sure!

I have a couple of new additions to the bed also.

Burgundy Dianthus and Fuzzy Wuzzy Lamb's Ear

Burgundy Dianthus is in the background and Fuzzy Wuzzy Lamb's Ear in the front.

If my oldest daughter were here, she would have a field day with the Fuzzy Wuzzy Lamb's ear. Two reasons why;

One it is one of the softest plants to touch and two?

The name! I am starting to water these babies twice a day, due to the high humidity and temps we've been getting. This area is a newly dug area and hasn't had a lot of moisture or fertilizer in the past years. It was crab grass, literally.

Below, the Celosia is still showing signs of the heat we have been getting, even with watering everyday. The orange butterfly weed is starting to thrive, much to my delight!

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Orange Butterfly Weed

Two  more additions are 

Purple Smoke Bush in the background with some Silver Mound Artemisia in the front.

Purple smoke bush and silver mound artemisia

The Silver Mound Artemisia is another plant that has such velvety texture when you touch it, it is unreal!

Over the next couple of years the boulders will sink naturally and start to look embedded into the ground. I learned a couple of years ago that sometimes it is better to let rain and snow sink the heavy rocks, instead of digging them in.

Simply because the ones we did dig in, now have to be dug back up, they are almost hidden to anyone walking in the garden.

Garden photos of a ranch home with a cottage garden style

Also I have some good news! First let me apologize to the blogger whose name I forgot.

You and I had a convo about Irises and how you cannot kill those babies?

Well, remember what I said about how I dug up some and let them sit on top of the ground for 2 weeks before I got them planted?

No watering, they sat behind a bush and I forgot about them. Literally for 2 weeks.

So I cut the leaves off and planted a tuber in a new location and gave it a drink occasionally.

Take a look at what's sprouting below!

Flowers the black thumb gardeners can't kill

Can't kill these babies. 

Silver Mound Artemisia in a Cottage Garden

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Creek bed inside a cottage garden

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Cottage Garden showcasing DIanthus, Hydrangea

Mum season is almost here, so I have been debating on whether to plant them or just do pots on the front porch.

They've already started showing up in my local garden centers so I may be grabbing some up to get an early start on Fall. Especially since a lot of my oakleaf hydrangeas already think it's fall. 

Cottage garden photos

"G" and I went junking on and off this weekend. We drove over to a place in central Indiana and I did walk away with a couple of goodies, so keep an eye out for those, later this week.

Until then

keep on digging it!

Cottage Garden Photos with a creek bed as a walking path