Modern & Traditional Fall Colors Tablescape

Fall Tablescape

Hello Friends! 

Using the crisp Fall temperatures we are getting here in Indiana I am using a mixture of golds, purple and white for a fall tablescape idea.

The weather has been wonderful here! Bright, sunny and mid 70's to low 80's.

I'll take it!

Tablescape for Fall

 This table I am calling a mix of modern and traditional.

Because I used purple and added in some gold flatware.

Plus the gold & purple napkins. I love these napkins, but I always have such a hard time using them!

Table setting idea for Fall

Everytime I do a table I want to grab them but once I see them on the table, they miss the mark.

Do you have that problem? 

If THAT can be considered a problem? 

Rustic Fall Tablescape

Not being able to use these clearance priced napkins. Yeah, that's sort of a "Champagne Problem" isn't it? 

Oh poor Christine, she can't use those napkins on her table, so they have to go back in her dish room.

Then she needs to find different ones from the 40 different ones she owns!

Rustic Fall Tablescape

There are much worse problems I could talk about. Like Yesterday for example. My MIL and I had one of those days when we went grocery shopping. At every turn we just seemed to encounter rudeness.

It's becoming a topic before we get to the store! "I wonder how bad it's going to be today". I won't bore you with every minuet detail, just the ending. My MIL puts her groceries in the backseat of my SUV, so while doing that, a man about her age in his 80's, just pushed right past her to get into his car. Bumping her when he had to slightly close my backdoor so he could get to his drivers door. Now you know me! I am not a passive aggressive person when confronted with that kind of situation. I immediately walked over to the passenger side and started yelling at him. 

Hey! Yeah, that's ok! We will excuse your rudeness. We know you are an extremely important 80 year old man with handicapped tags on his car and no physical ailments whatsoever! But you just need to leave, so I guess waiting for my MIL to put her 4 bags in the car just takes too much of your valuable time! That's ok! But just to make sure you are aware of how important her safety is to ME? I am going to freaking stand here at your back bumper, until SHE is safely in my car. 

Just so ya know!

Quick and easy Fall Table

 Seriously, if you have been fortunate enough to make it to a ripe age of 80 something?

And you are not aware of what manners are, I feel very strongly that it is my duty to educate those who need it.

My MIL got quite a chuckle about it. 

"I can't wait to tell the ladies at the Senior Center about this!"

Pretty Fall Table

It made me laugh and then my mind started wandering.

I should buy a bus and pick up all the ladies in her apartment community and we should drive around looking for rude men.

And teach 'em a lesson. "Hey you, with the droopy pants, open that damn door for your lady. I know your hands can't pull those damn pants up, but can they hold a door!"

"Excuse me Miss, but you're sitting across from your family at a restaurant, can you put your phone down and talk to them!"

I'd definitely have some weirdo magnet episodes to talk about with you, wouldn't I!

Brightly Colored Fall Tablescape

Well, maybe I need to mull it over for a bit before I start hunting on Craigslist for a used school bus.