Fall Garden in Transition


The good, the bad and the ugly. A fall garden in transition when shrubs & flowers have been transplanted.

Seems like sometimes gardening is full of "I should Have's"  or  "I need To's".

Ya ever noticed that? And even if you write it down, sooner or later that scrap of paper or list just

well, just pissses you off enough that you start ignoring everything else so you can deal with the "I Need To" crap?

Yeah, that was me last week. I spent the last week, every day, heat, or fall weather, mosquitos or no mosquitos, digging in the dirt. Moving Mophead hydrangeas, cape daisy's, and anything else that was in my way! Or NOT blooming.

Gardening on a Budget with no plan

Wanna know the ironic part?

I had no plan. No layout of where it all was going to get moved too. I just knew, things were going to get moved. Now if you have followed me in my garden tales you know every year I bitch about why my mophead hydrangeas don't bloom

And every year I cross my fingers, but I finally said nope. I've had it. Time to try them in full sun and not part sun or dappled sunlight.

Planning a Garden

 I scooted hydrangeas farther North, away from the front of my house trying to get them to hopefully bloom next year.

The bed that is on the left of the front porch had 9.

9 damn shrubs that I planted and out of that 9?

I got one pissy little bloom this year.

So now you understand why I finally stopped feeding my family and we had yucky frozen pizza?

I document this just in case someone is going to report me to Martha Stewart.

Fall Garden Tour

I grouped all the Cape Daisy's together, previously I had them spread out in this bed. When you Garden on a ten dollar budget, sometimes things get a tad spread out until the bed can get properly filled.

Thus turns into "blonde shrub & flower moving week".

Mophead Hydrangea

 I actually created a meandering "S" curve thru the front garden bed on accident. But if anyone drives by or asks?

I knew I was going to do that.

 You can tell that the mophead hydrangeas aren't liking my plan. But with a little care, Next year (hopefully) I will have blooms.

I have also added "fertilizer" to every transplant.

Relocating flowers

Which in my case is some store bought organic fertilizer and whispered threats while I stroke the leaves.

Something to the tune of:

"Now if you don't bloom next year, your ass is outta here."

Garden Tour

Fall Tour

Now if I am the only person on Earth who whispers threats to her plants, then maybe you can recommend a good therapist.

Then I will start growing my Yardart collection.  

Creek bed

The two other varieties of Hydrangea I have always seem to do really well. My oakleaf and paniculata ones.

Maybe the woody stem variety aren't as finicky.

Fall Garden

 In the shot below you can also see I took out the irises. they used to be right up against the driveway.

And while Greg was outside I asked him to dig 'em up!

I was on a quest. If it doesn't bring me year round joy, it's outta here. And since those things only bloom once a year and I am trying to keep them maintained the rest of the year? That's too much work for what they give me!

Flowers and shrubs in shock

 As predicted, in my Fall Porch Tour I did (actually) get every single Aster and Mum planted in the yard as well.

Some of them like it, and a couple don't. 

The ingrates. But it doesn't seem to be the plants fault. I have unfortunately found out that if I simply stick a flower on my stairs (not in a urn or bucket) the bugs get in and start eating the roots. 

I don't know the name of these bugs, nor am I going to make them famous by taking their picture.

But I did immediately evict them with the aide of my garden hose.

Purple in the Garden

 I still have cleanup, new mulch and a garden hose to wind back up and then I can say I am done.

It's a good thing all the friends and family that HAVE BEEN here this past week have good eyesight. That garden hose has tripped me, its faithful owner, so many times I now have named it.

I won't share the curse word it is now named. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Cottage Garden

I shot these pictures last night during sunset for two reasons. 1 - so i could see the pretty side of things and 2 - so I could remember where everything was planted next Spring.

Garden layout

and why I did it.

Have a great day!


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