Dining Room Decorated for Christmas

Christmas Decor in the Dining Room | 

Dining Room Decorated for the Christmas Holiday

Merry Christmas and welcome to another peek into my holiday decor. Today I am sharing what I did in the Dining Room.

I've got the table and the chandelier all decked out just for you! I also have my usual Christmas Tree in the corner so come on in and take a tour.

Holiday Tour in the Dining Room

I used shades of purple for the tree this year. I know if you're a frequent flyer around my house, you are used to the rustic woodsy ornaments and burlap.

But this tree spoke to me and begged for some color.

Dining Room Decor for Christmas

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Hence the spreading of purple around the room. I think it compliments the metallics pretty nicely.

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I've got hanging snowflake votives hanging from the chandelier,

Modern & Traditional Christmas Decor in the Dining Room

and more sprinkled in the tobacco basket.

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I wanted to have a lot of fresh holiday swags in here this year, but sadly finding fresh in my area is difficult.

I am already making plans in my blonde head to make my own garden bed next year, solely for the purpose of having fresh evergreens for Christmas.

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Christmas Tree Photo

I even spruced up the barn door a bit.

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I am hoping to finish up the front porch and kitchen next. So keep an eye out for those!

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Ho Ho Ho!