Living Room Tour for Christmas

Family Room Decor Ideas

Decorating my Living Room for Christmas is always a task I never take lightly. This is the time when it's really getting a workout.

So it has to shine for me.

The irony of it is, that it's hard to be a diamond on a soda pop budget. But if I am honest with myself it isn't about trying to compete with anyone else or what they can spend for one decorating holiday. Nobody cares after they receive a warm hug and a homemade meal. 

It's what works for me and my family. Plus that everyone is having a good time and comfortable.

Decorating the Family Room for Christmas

I had my coffee table filled with "Holiday Cheer", but scaled it back. Afterall it will be used for appetizers and snacks for guests. And more importantly, I put my feet up on this table at night!

I had to keep repeating the word "functionality" to myself. I revealed a couple of weeks ago that I bought several books at the thrift store and chalk painted them white for the hutch.

Well they stayed put. I added mercury glass ornaments, a couple of really cheap white christmas signs (Michaels - 70% off sale), some styrofoam balls I covered in simple white yarn and some existing holiday decor I already had.

Christmas Decor in the Family Room

Silver and White Christmas Tree Decor

The wreath (below) I found years ago at my local thrift store, all the picks are also from previous years. I dropped them into a rusty galvanized tub and added antlers and walked away.

I have a tendency to overdue things, especially this time of year.

Modern Christmas Decor with a Timeless Feel

Is 5 Christmas Trees in a one home excessive? Not to me, but if you asked Greg he might have a different answer.

Holiday Trends for 2016 - Rustic and Modern Decor

I tried to stick too white and metallic colors for the hutch. It really brightened up when I took some of the other colors out and stuck with just golds, silvers and white.

There may be a stray purple in there somewhere with a companion of green but not much.

Where to put the Christmas Tree - Holiday Decor Ideas

Rustic and Refined Holiday Decorating Ideas

I seem to be having a metal deer fetish the past couple of years. Every year one or two find their way to my house. I always tell Greg it's like those puppies who used to follow me home.

"They needed me" 

Christmas Inspiration Ideas

How to decorate a Christmas Tree

Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

I am about halfway done with my holiday shopping. I think.

Don't quote me on it though, I need to check my list. My brain is so whacked right now. I had to run out for a quick grocery store run the other day, and umm I thought I had my car keys in my hand.

But it was actually the TV remote.

Don't tell Greg.

Living Room Decor

I stood outside trying to think of the sanest excuse as to why in the hell I had a tv remote in my hand trying to unlock my SUV.

The only thing that came to mind was it's Christmas. Thankfully I was able to sneak back in and swap out the remote for my keys without being seen.

Grey and White Christmas Decor

Living Room Tour for Christmas

Budget tips and tricks to get through the holidays

Christmas Decorating on a budget but with high style.

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

I wanted two new wreaths for a couple of windows, but HomeGoods only had one all white.

For fifty dollars. So on my way home, feeling defeated I suddenly remembered a dollar store craft project I ran across and was off on a craft tangent!

I bought two styrofoam wreaths and almost every box of all white swiffer dusting "whatchamajigs" my local Dollar Tree Store had.

A sixteen inch wreath took about 18 swiffer cloths and a lot of hot glue. But I had two done is less than an hour and hanging up.

Now that's a quick and easy holiday craft project! Each box of swiffer dusters comes with two, so each wreath cost me maybe fifteen dollars?

Dollar Store Craft Project for Christmas

 I admit freely I was acting abnormally when these were done.

Dog hair and swiffers are like peanut butter and chocolate. So Blitz stayed outside until I got these puppies hung up.

I didn't need to be picking dog hair out of a swiffer. Even though I have sort of redefined their purpose at least for the holidays.

Christmas wreath ideas

I hope you've enjoyed the tour through the living room. The dining room and porch are next on my agenda to show you. 

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Decor in the Living Room using modern and budget friendly tips and tricks.

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