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Informal Garden - A Side Yard Garden Path using shades of Gray  - Glenview, Illi

The last couple of years we have had such plumbing issues with sump pumps that our backyard really took some hits.

I mean big, ugly, 20 tons of sand, hits. 

Just to refresh everyone's memory on how bad it really was, here is a look at it just after we re-routed the sump pump.

 Yeah, gross!
So to make lemonade out of huge sandy pile of lemons, we added a new sidewalk and I got a new wider garden bed up against the house.

One that requires less water and maintenance.

DIY Patio sidewalk ideas

With Spring quickly approaching, it's time to plan what to do with the rest of the yard.

So I have been scouring the internet for inspiration and ideas on patios, garden beds, fire pits, and outdoor living spaces.

I came across a lot of backyard spaces that are using gravel for patios, so I thought I'd share some of the inspiration I am finding.

Because after seeing some of these pictures I am going to go to my local rock quarry and get a quote, because I am loving the look and how quick it would be to have a patio just by using small pea gravel!

DIY Patio Ideas
DIY Patio Ideas that the DIYer can do in one weekend

This one below is one of my favorites. The contrast in color alone is stunning!

Outdoor Lifestyle
How about this one, with the formal garden beds with strategically planted evergreens and greenery so that the homeowner gets year round color?

Landscape and Pool Design
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 Gravel patio Ideas

Backyard Ideas

This one below is also appealing. I am pondering on doing this idea from the sidewalk out.

To kind of graduate out into the yard before we use the pea gravel. Then when it comes time to place a table or some chairs, just butt up the concrete pavers.

Informal Garden - A Side Yard Garden Path using shades of Gray

So many choices to pick from, it's getting hard to narrow down one just one to do!


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