Muted Colors Tablescape

Farmhouse style with Hygge Elements in the Dining Room

The dining room facelift is still ongoing but I decided to do a soft and pretty tablescape.

Just to enjoy some of the new views I am getting, since we gave the windows a new coat of paint.

Plus I found such a great score, I had to share it.

Greg and I went to one of our local home improvement stores for dog food (yes it's way cheaper there for some odd reason. Menards must be huge dog lovers like us!) and while there I decided we needed to check out the window treatment section. I started checking out the honeycomb type shades and nearly went into shock when I saw the price.

$120 for one and that was 24" wide. I needed 35 & 5/8" for these windows. So I mentally tacked on another fifty bucks and said hell to the no. The way I change things up in my house?

Where to buy inexpensive window shades

So I thought I was going to have to come up with some genius diy hack for those el cheapo vinyl pull down shades. Remember those? 

The ones your grandma used to have and they were the only choice back then unless you used sheers?

Until Greg saw paper shades. They were right next to the cheap vinyl ones. Now I admit at first I was hell no. There has to be a reason why you never hear or see these in homes. My next thought was ok if you lived in a half a million dollar house and cheaped out on the blinds would you squeal about it?

Probably not. Well they were so cheap, Greg talked me into trying them. They come in 37" widths, are completely made out of paper and use two sided tape instead of metal hardware brackets.

Take a look. I know it's hard to see the definition. The sun has finally found its way to Indiana.

Tablescape for entertaining

Take my word for it. Even standing in my dining room, you would never know I paid $3.47 for one blind. That's right. I paid seven dollars for 2! And they were up in seconds. No hardware, no hammering, no drill required.

Why haven't these gone viral?!?

For the cost of one roman cellular shade I could buy all 18 needed for my house.

Where to buy cheap window treatments.

Farmhouse Dining Room

I'll try and get a better shot on a cloudy day so you see the accordion pleats.

Makes the dining room look great, I could not stop staring. Strike one for hubby, he did great!

I had to celebrate how great the windows looked by making a muted and romantic table. I brought out the metallic colored plates and white ones and used soft pinks and blues.

Soft and romantic tablescape

Rustic tablescape for entertaining.

I also brought out my tarnished silver napkin rings, yes I love the patina and the log candlestick holders too for texture.

Amazing entertaining ideas for the home

How to mix trendy style with timeless decor

See the wall below?

On the other side of it, is the Living room. After I hit publish on this post I am going to research how to install a header because I want to open this room up to the living room.

And this being a bearing wall I am going to need a beam to support it.

Winter or Spring Tablescape for the home using white dishes, pinks and soft blues.

I am not sure when we will get started on this, ya'll know how I feel about taking out home loans for small projects like this or using a credit card.

So I need to figure out how much it's going to cost and start saving. Cause I am itching to hammer a hole in the wall.

Especially after quitting smoking. Which I am doing very well with by the way. No cigarettes for over 3 weeks. The insomnia and the sweating that come with plus the anxiety, were kinda hard to get thru.

I pounded a lot of junk food in my mouth, I am not going to lie. But the anxiety attacks haven't happened for a week now and I am slowly getting back to my normal eating habits. I am not a between meals snacker normally, so I know I added a few pounds that I are going to have to come off. 

Blue & Pink Tablescape for entertaining family and friends

Right now I am just itching to hammer something and I think this wall is a good target.

How to set a table or stack dishes fr a beautiful table setting or tablescape

Have a great day!


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