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Updating a Dated Chandelier

Updating a dated chandelier

Updating a dated 1980's brass chandelier turned out more "fun" than I originally thought. And by fun I mean; I thought I was brilliant and would totally be able to paint this dated brass thing into a treasure that we would want to keep forever.

Guests would walk into my dining room and gasp at my ability to faux paint a turd into a gorgeous masterpiece hanging above my dining table.

Yeah, that didn't happen. 

What did happen was a painting fail which resulted in a run to the spray paint aisle of the closest store. Just to remind everyone what it started out as:

This was a thrift tore purchase about 6 years ago. I paid twenty five dollars for it.

My sister called me crazy when she saw it in my cart. 

Greg said the usual:

"What the hell are you going to do with that!"

I spray painted it black and hung it in the dining room and there it stayed.

Until I got sick of the color and how massive it seemed.

So Greg took it down and pulled it apart. 

And we played and played with it. Until we found a smaller version with less 80's in it.

We discarded the ball at the bottom, the top 4 light tier and the weird triangular piece that was at the top.

Then the fun part, I bought craft paint that I thought would turn my 80's fixture into a restoration hardware piece of art.

Something that looked like I salvaged it out of an old villa while out travelling.

Yea travelling the back roads of Indiana.

Yeah, so much for the villa part. How do people frickin do this?!?

The more I stared at it the more I wanted to hock some jewelry and run to Restoration Hardware.

But I like my wedding ring, so I settled on buying spray paint to see if I could salvage this brilliant idea I had.

It's looking a little better now.

I won't lie, I like it.

But if I see something I love, this will get replaced. On a scale of one to ten I am at a 5.

It'll do until the fabulous one comes into view.

It does seem to flow a lot better than the large black 12 light that was here before.


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