Purple & White Tablescape

Casual Table Setting Idea  

Setting a casual table setting today just for fun. Looking at this table I started thinking about my kids and when they were small.

I would have called a table setting like this fancy, simply because things on it would break. Remember those days?

The weather outside has been so great, warm and gorgeous. I have tried to spend as much time out there and not stuck inside. Even though Spring isn't officially here and I know it will go back to being cold at least for a few more days or weeks.

Most of the items on my table didn't cost a fortune. The purple ikat place-mats are from Bed Bath & Beyond. The round rattan ones are from Ross.

The wine glasses are from Menard's. Yes a home improvement store. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them!

The small purple glasses are actually really large purple votives I found at the thrift store. I usually them as drinking glasses.

Purple dishes are from HomeGoods and the centerpiece is also.

When I set a casual table I always think Miss Manners or Martha Stewart hate me. Because I don't really care about the rules as far as where silverware goes.

Anytime I load my table up with salad or dessert plates, I just try and make it pretty and functional. Plus will anyone really get up and leave and give the reason that I put my fork on the wrong side? I doubt it.

I hope you've enjoyed a quick and easy table you can do and my ramblings as well.

Have a great day!