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Wreath Ideas for Spring

Gearing up for Spring with some gorgeous wreath ideas.

Plus one that I made out of things I already had, now who can beat that! A no cost craft project for Spring.

Spring Wreath Inspiration for 2017 using pantone's color of the year

Jumping right in, below shows the wreath I am going to re-purpose into something that reflects current trends and also Pantone's current color of the year. Green!

That wreath is available at JoAnn Fabrics in the greenery aisle. I bought 3 a couple of years ago and I am always finding ways to use them. So this year I am thinking this baby is going to grace my front porch for Spring.

My inspiration came from a wreath I saw on Pinterest, it was linked to an etsy account and although I think it's stunning

I refuse to pay ninety dollars for it. Not even if I won the lottery.

So I decided to see if I could do my own version using greenery I already have. Now my wreath is not real boxwood, it's plastic. So it is perfect for outside. 

I grabbed some light green sprigs (also plastic) and simply planted them in the wreath and then I added some dried leafy branches I bought last fall.


Then I went into a closet and pulled out a woodland critter I bought last year. I either bought it at Pier 1 or at Tuesday Morning. I still see them around, but you could easily swap it out for a bunny or your favorite critter.

Spring 2017 Decor idea for wreath

And stuck him inside

I am liking it!

Spring wreath idea using Pantone's Color for 2017

Not bad for a ten minute craft. Now I need to decide if he goes on the front door or on the brick wall on the porch.

Wreath ideas for 2017

For more inspiration I found more amazing wreath ideas and thought I'd share them.


I hope after seeing these or mine you feel inspired to create some beauty of your own!

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