Entertaining Hacks with creative placemat ideas

Entertaining Hacks 

Feeling creative today I decided to challenge myself to see if I could come up with some different placemat ideas other then the usual fabric or ones you can buy at department stores.

creative entertaining hacks

The longer I played, the more items around the house got repurposed.

I think you're going to be surprised at one or two ideas I came up with. 

Above was a wreath one, now you've seen me use wreaths before, that's nothing new. I've used grapevine, boxwood. But feathers was a first. 

How about using a book?

placemat ideas no sew

How about metal? To be more specific how about a galvanized picture?

placemat ideas

I liked that one, course you know me and metals. Just in case you think I am pulling your leg, that picture usually hangs on my front porch.

Just to the right of my front door. Take a look.

Below is another oldie but goodie.

Wood slices from an old apple tree.

do it yourself projects

I have been wanting to do another table with using cutting boards or pizza boards again so take a look below.

cutting board

entertaining ideas for placemats

How about placemat idea using another picture. 

Now this one, you will see again because I absolutely love it! I was shocked when I saw it.

tablescape ideas

And that placemat errr picture, used to hang in my living room.


creative table setting ideas

Getting back to metals, how about using some leftover metal we had laying around.

Remember the entryway we did with galvanized metal? If you never saw that you can read 

Modern Wainscoting

tablescape hack ideas for placemats to set a totally unique and creative table

fun and creative table setting ideas for every season

placemat ideas for a modern and creative tablescape to entertain family

I think I did pretty good using my creative juices. Leave me a comment if you have a great placemat idea, I'd love to hear it.


Entertaining Kitchen Hacks placemat ideas for a modern and creative tablescape to entertain family

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