Entry Decorated for Spring 2017

Bringing in the rustic yet farmhouse style to a small entry to celebrate Spring.

Spring decor in the entryway or foyer

I know officially the season is a couple of weeks away, but here in Indiana the temps have been really enjoyable.

Almost balmy.

Decorating the entryway or foyer with farmhouse rustic style for Spring.

I wanted to do a new look, somewhat. So since spending money is out, I used what I had and have things a move round or a face lift. 

Starting with the entry table, I chalk painted it black.

I left it chippy and the old color showing through in some areas, not sure if I wanted that look or a fully covered flat back table.

So I will leave this for a few days and see if I like it.

Farmhouse style in the front entryway

Front hall table in the entry decorated with farmhouse style

 I almost cut the legs off of the table and turned it into a bench, but paint seemed quicker.

And less messy. 

The mirror I had before, it used to hang on the opposite wall, but I want to try it in a more prominent position.

Entry Decor

Foyer decor for spring in farmhouse rustic style

Entryway decorated for Spring

Spring decor in the foyer or entryway

 Officially in a couple of weeks I will be able to put the screen in the front door and have a great breeze blowing through here.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait!

Spring or Summer decor in the entryway

The black and white pillows were found this winter on clearance for five bucks each. So I couldn't pass them up. 

I was thinking on putting them on the porch, but we'll see.

Foyer decor

When it gets closer to garden season, you'll see hats and gloves covered in dirt on this table, so now is the time for me to get the pics in!


Decorating the entryway or foyer with farmhouse rustic style for Spring.

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