White on White Tablescape Inspiration

I have been having some fun stacking modern white dishes for a tablescape. Wedding season is coming up and who doesn't love all the great place settings or decorations that people come up with.

Table setting inspiration using modern white dishes for casual dining.

Plus the whole romantic feel, right? Now I am aware I am on somewhat of a tangent, being already married.

But it's still nice to be inspirational or romantic.

Table setting inspiration for weddings


Barn Weddings.

Those two words give me goose bumps. I love how the juxtaposition between the rough barn wood and the gauzy white table decor.

Add in a few candles and you're done. Unless you want to take it to the next level.

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Wedding inspiration ideas with a rustic feel

The placemats the galvanized metal that Greg cut for me. It's from a leftover DIY project we did a few months back in the back entry.

Barn Wedding Tablescape Inspiration

The deer sheds or antlers were found at a local flea market. 

Funny story - Yesterday Greg and  were junkin around and came up a little hole in the wall. They had quite a selection of taxidermy animals and antlers. Which I already have enough deer sheds, but I still like to look. Well his prices were ten times what I paid for mine, so needless to say I was walking away. But he kept trying to talk me into buying a set.

He said they were the best prices in town. Now you know me, sometimes tact is not a trait I practice. Especially when pushed.

So after the second "No, no thank you" to which he still refused to accept I had  ed-u-ma-cate him and let him know ten miles west at a flea market, there was a redneck who likes to walk in the woods, and he sells what he finds on these walks. 

For ten times less.

Now the funny part is the look on this guys face.

It almost made me laugh. The utter look of sadness, was just like you told a toddler he couldn't have a puppy.

Casual dining for spring season

Ya know Gardening season better hurry up, this wandering around and meeting people thing?

Is going to get me into trouble.

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