Privacy Screen

Privacy screen

Having a nice privacy screen in our backyard is really coming in handy to block the view we don't want to see. That's the bonus of creating the perfect privacy screen.

I don't see my neighbors to do list. You know the one; the one that never gets done. I had two goals when creating this privacy screen, other then the obvious one of hide the ugly view.

Continue the industrial / modern / rustic theme that we have inside to the outside.

And two:
Try to do it without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

The best privacy screen idea ever!

So I had a pretty genius idea of how to fill in the gaps.

Least I think it's pretty cool.

 Camouflage netting. Ok, full disclosure, this is not real camo. It's what Greg calls a "Urban Camo". Or the other term he used:

"Not Camouflage, it's Gucci-Flage"

How to hide an ugly view from your neighbors yard using a privacy screen

I bought two colors, one blue and one white. Both are thin plastic, and I have them up to see which works best, simply using thumb tacks.

Gorgeous backyard patio idea

Ok, this is the blue....

Outdoor seating area that's using a gorgeous privacy screen

Here's the white...

Creative Outdoor Seating Area

Hubby hung the white up, I hung the blue. So the white is stretched tighter.

He had an easier time trying to hang his, you can see more gap in his.

I'm short and impatient.

Like I said; this install is not permanent, it's strictly for picking a color. We'll create wood frames and wrap the netting and secure it once the blonde (me) figures out which color to use.

Privacy Screen Outdoors

Backyard Oasis

I still have tall plants to put behind the screen, but for the most part...

Patio Idea

I think we might be leaning towards the blue.

Outdoor Seating Area Ideas with a DIY Privacy Screen on a Budget

What do you think?