Autumn Dining

Autumn Dining |

A Fall Tablescape using purple and white dishes can make any day better.

At least in my world it can.

If you look up the definition of Fall it's described as: "the third season of the year, when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May."

How to set a dinner table

 What a crappy way to describe such an amazing season. Do you agree? I mean we as bloggers or as women can certainly come up with a much more descriptive and dynamic way to define one of the best seasons.

What other season do we have pumpkin spice, bonfires, and the legal right to devour every S'more in sight without being judged?

Like: A cooler season, where women can break out their favorite boots, leggings and stop shaving their legs?


A season where color reigns supreme inside and outside, with a crisp breeze in the air that brings on aromatic desserts and the smell of pumpkin spice and burning leaves?

Hmmmm, maybe that last one is better. 

Gorgeous Tablescape

 I broke out the Pier 1 chargers, purple dishes for a nice table. 

Don't let this nice clean table fool you. I have dirt under my fingernails from Gardening. I also have dirt aka dust on my floors from sanding, the drywall still. I have been touch up painting every chance I get to try and finish up the hallway project.

I had to go back and touch up the ceiling this time.

That's what happens when I rush. I hit the ceiling with a roller full of blue paint.

Gorgeous Tablescape

 We have one more door to trim out and then add base molding. It's going slow for money reasons.

It's not only the gorgeous Fall season but also the season where everything we touch, breaks.

Insert frustrated groan here.

You know things like Greg's Impact drill, which he uses for work, so it has to be replaced asap.

My favorite shovel.

Farmhouse Fall Tablescape

I'll be honest, I'll miss the shovel. The drill not so much, he and I weren't close. 

Guess when it comes to tools I play favorites.

Rustic Tablescape for Fall

 I drowned my sorrows by buying the small juice glasses on the table.

Oh and another tree. It's a small crab apple and Trees and shrubs are half off right now, so fifteen bucks on a tree is right up my wallets price range.

Tablescape for Fall

I am going to love, sing and fertilize the new tree, in the hopes that we don't get a hard frost for at least 3 more weeks.

I wanna give this tree a fighting chance. I pulled out all the Lavender plants in pots and got them in the ground. I am so darn proud of myself for that! Every year I run out of time, or forget or just get burnt out from gardening, and lose $$$ by not getting perennials in the ground quick enough.

But I am all about the backyard and kept pushing myself to finish, so next year will be even better.

I will try and finish up outside to get some Fall shots for ya'll this weekend.

Entertaining Family

Fall Tablescape

I hope your day is going good and I really appreciate your visit!

Thanks for stopping by.