Fall Tablescape

simple inexpensive fall table decorations

It's not hard to get in the Fall mood here in NW Indiana. The sun is gone and if the night time temps keep dropping I will be having some major bonfires this weekend!

The past few days have really been night and day from the low 80 temps we were getting. It's amazing how quick things can change here in the Midwest. We finally got some really good rains too.

I was starting to worry!

Fall Tablescape

Fall Tablescape

 I have been painting the hallway and the new trim we installed every day. Now I am in touch up mode. Unfortunately the one wall where we took out a niche is giving me problems.

We did a decent job of drywall patching but the paint isn't taking very well in that area for some reason. The tape I used to protect the wall, when I was trim painting?

Took the wall paint right off! I dropped a couple of curse words, believe me. Especially since that paint was dry for over 36 hours before I taped it.

Neutral Tablescape

 I had to go sit down and binge watch some Madam Secretary after that. I think this is the second time I have had issues with using tape to cover and protect and it fails every time. I need to just use the correct brush and forget the tape.

Using neutrals in the home

 But at least my Dining Room table never disappoints.


The pumpkin is a cheap walmart one that I actually hot glued corn husks too. I am going to be on the hunt for a really cool stem to use instead of the one that came with this pumpkin, but so far no luck.

I grabbed some of the vintage clear dishes and did a quick dinner for two. I tried to use strictly neutrals for a calmer effect.

Fall Decor 2017

simple inexpensive fall table decorations

I hope everyone is deep into s'more festivities, if there is any justice in the world, soon I will be too. I hope to have a nice bonfire this weekend and just chill by the fire with some nice cocktails and desserts.