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DIY Projects

DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Spring Saturday with Front Porch Decorating

Going to be a lot going on for me today so this post....is high on pic's and low on chatter.
I got a new score from my local Habitat for Humanity Store getting hung up today (a new chandelier), I'm on the hunt for outdoor pillows to add to my porch and I've got some more decorating/cleanup outdoors to do.
Wish me luck!

Tablescape Story Time

Have ya ever had one of those days? Well I have...so it's time for a cute story....who couldn't use a laugh

 This happened several years ago. Ok, after I came out of a pretty rough time (the death of my mother) Hubby and I had an evening out with friends.

Updated Foyer

Updated my Foyer

Have you ever painted a room and 3 years later was like
Uhhh that looks like poo...

It used to look so good....a nice warm hug. It looked velvety and smooth....and now it looks like poo brown.

Time for a change...

 A little sweat (only cuz I as in a hurry to get it done) and some leftover paint...

I picked up a few new items from around the house and also had a neat little "score" at Old Time Pottery...in the clearance section, no less!

Hubby made the box for me from left over wood a few months back...love these types of boxes....I could use 6 more...lol I just threw on a couple candlesticks, some texture and greenery and called it a day.

The birdcage below is my new "score". I have no idea why it was  so cheap...it's not broken, cracked...nothing. That's ok...as soon as I saw it...Sold!

 Not sure what to put inside it...What would you put inside it? I might even put it on the front porch...

It's time for me to get my day started...Got a good day planned out shopping at local thrift stores with my sister and youngest daughter whose home to visit. (Insert mommy yeah here!)
Take care!

New Countertop Dance!

Guess what I got?? Happy Girl Dance......New Counter tops!

Momax Marble and Granite even installed them during the snow storm! We got about 9 inches of snow yesterday....thanks a lot Phil. 

(Doing my impression of Yosemite Sam when he was swearing at Bugs Bunny)
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