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Christmas Entertaining with over 20 Holiday Tablescapes

Christmas Entertaining with over 20 Holiday Tablescapes

Holiday Entertaining with an elegant but simple tablescape idea

I am so excited to kick off the holiday season with a quick and elegant Christmas Tablescape that makes my holiday entertaining easy.

Holiday Table for Entertaining

Holidays are just around the corner can you believe it?

I can!

Holiday Inspiration

Holiday Inspiration 

It's time to start getting inspired for the upcoming holidays! With Halloween over I am all about entertaining. I start saving ideas and inspiration for tablescapes and Christmas trees like crazy. 

Dead Man's Party Halloween Tablescape

Halloween Tablescape | Dead Man's Party |  

Halloween Tablescape

My first ever spooky halloween tablescape. It feels kinda fun to step out of my rustic comfort zone and do something fun.

Rustic Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

I set another no fuss Rustic Christmas Table. 

You know me by now, I am loving this holiday season as far as decorating and tablescapes go!

Traditional Christmas Tablescape

Traditional Holiday Tablescape

Creating a Traditional Christmas Tablescape

That is the level of ignorement I will go too,
to avoid mopping the kitchen floor.

Christmas Tablescape Using Fresh Greenery

Holiday Entertaining 

Setting a Casual Dinner party table

Christmas tablescapes are one of my favorites to set. Especially when I use fresh greenery as a centerpiece!

Christmas Tablescape using Purple and Metallic Colors

Christmas Tablescape

Holiday Tablescape

Who doesn’t love setting a Christmas tablescape?

The holiday season also gets me so inspired to really do some pretty holiday décor, especially in my dining room!

Elegant & Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

Fall Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Using some modern colors I set an easy to do Thanksgiving Tablescape with blues, browns and white dishes.

Simple & Easy Fall Table

Setting a fall table the quick and easy way, using what I already had around the house.

Fall Thanksgiving Tabletop ideas

It looks like I am doing both Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner at my house this year.

So I decided it was time to start planning my table for Thanksgiving. It is going to have to be simple and easy to accommodate the food.

Valentine's Table for Less Money

Valentine's Day Table

Setting a tablescape for any holiday does not have to cost a lot money.

Using Valentine's Day as an example I set my table using dishes and stemware I already had. 

I started thinking last week that I needed to do a tablescape for Valentine's Day. That was my first thought. 

A Beautiful Christmas Tablescape

I set a glittery tablescape this year for Christmas. 

Using silver, gold and whites to me.... is a timeless way to sit down for the holidays and share a beautiful meal with family and friends.

Christmas Tablescape Roaming Deer

Christmas Tablescape Roaming Deer @

A holiday tablescape for you using silver deer, plus purple and white dishes to brighten your Christmas Holiday! 

Fall Toolbox Tablescape

Fall Toolbox Tablescape

I used my antique toolbox for this rustic tablescape. 

Tucking in some white square dishes, feathers, antlers and dried hydrangeas as I went.

Fall Leaves Tablescape

Fall Leaves Tablescape @

The leaves are starting to turn colors in NW Indiana and the nights are getting just a touch cooler. I can feel it coming....

So a Fall leaves Tablescape is just what I need.

Purple Tree Ornaments Christmas Tablescape

Purple Christmas Tablescape

Setting a purple Christmas tablescape

Now what kind of Christmas elf would I be if I didn't show you my balls...Purple Christmas balls that is.

Lantern & Ladder Christmas Tablescape

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well and not too stressed with just over a week left until Christmas. 

Using rustic elements and a few thrift store finds I set the kitchen table for some Holiday cheer.

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