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DIY Projects

DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Sunshine & Dishes Tablescape

Sunshine & Dishes Tablescape for Summer

Summer time outdoor. Dining with family and friends, rustic style.

An abundance of sunshine, some gardening and a table setting for 2. Life is good!

Purple Lovers Anonymous Table

Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict did this gorgeous flower pot wreath that totally inspired me. I couldn't stop thinking about it.... so off to Michael's I went, 40% off coupon in la' purse.

Black and White Tablescape

Breakfast Tablescape using Black and White as a color scheme.
A simple, quick and easy black and white breakfast table....

Sunshine Inside and Out on the backyard patio

Good Morning, I had to get outside yesterday....

not only because I had a blog issue with Google+ Comments that thoroughly irritated me, but because it the sun was out and the temperature was above 42 degrees!

I took my frustrations out on my weeds and after a good 30 minutes I felt relaxed enough to start playing with some d├ęcor.

Garden memories - reviewing some flowers and plants in Zone 5

I  am re-configuring my blog because it's positively gross outside. Thunderstorms, and rain rain rain rain for 4 days straight! Hey Noah, where's the ark!!

I need some outdoor inspiration today, some goodwill. I looked for 3 hours online to see if I could transfer comments from a "page" to a "post", so I wouldn't lose them, no can do.

Four score with thrift stores and more

Ok, this post is for my blog buddy Alycia Nichols at http://tabletwentyone.wordpress.com/.

And if you haven't been to her blog (which if you're into tablescapes you have, cuz she is awesome) then you need to go visit her. She is the queen of Tablescapes and organization.

Thrift Store Buffet Redo

I got  new addition to my dining room. 

A cute little DIY project. I will be totally honest, it's not real wood...

its cheap presswood. 

But for the price I paid? Who cares.

How much do you ask?

Less then $150?


Purple Passion Tablescape

Have you seen these?
They are called Caff Seramiche Dishes
Purple Passion Tablescape

You used to be able to find them at Neiman Marcus... 

They're a mere $225.00 for 4 dinner plates; they are a teensy bit out of my price range. Unless I sell a kidney. Which the longer I stare at them, the more I'm considering it.

Porch Tweaking

Adding touches of the Spring Season to the Front Porch/

It's almost 60 degrees outside here in NW Indiana....I'm outside without a coat!

I've got the I-Pod Shuffle tucked in my bra, head phones in my ears singing and dancing to Bonnie Raitt's "Working on a Love Letter"...

A Cream Dish Day Tablescape

You know what my definition of a good day is?
When my youngest daughter Shelby indulges her mother's obsession.

She bought me a set of dishes!
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