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Top 25 Chores for your Fall Garden

Top 25 Chores for your Fall Garden including a free printable.

I know, you're hot and tired after a nice summer of planting and watering. The last thing you want anyone to tell you is that you have more work to do. But at least now it's in cooler weather. 

Be sure to use the free printable for Fall Chores that I'm providing, at the end of this article.

Backyard Update

Creating a backyard patio on a budget with a high priced view.

You know one key ingredient that it takes in any project a homeowner does, that they never tell you about is?

Patience. Which I never have unless I'm unconscious.

Custom Steel Planter - A DIY Project

Custom Steel Planter - A DIY Project

When you've seen one pot, you've seen them all.

Maybe not! I saw this pot above featured in a video, (I'll put a link below) and it was custom made. The down side was it is not being sold in stores, the bigger down side was I wanted one.

New Fence & Tips to Hiring a Contractor

Tips & Tricks to hiring a contractor

Hiring a contractor to do work on your home is one of the most daunting tasks for a homeowner. Finding the right one who will do the job correctly and in a timely fashion is stressful for a lot of homeowners.

So since I just had a new fence installed I thought I'd share a few tips.

Summer Garden Tour


Summer heat, flowers and BBQ season has begun and here at my house is no exception.

I hope you are ready for a HUGE flower carpet ride because I have taken a ton of pictures of both the front and backyard flower beds.

Problem Areas in the Garden

Problem Areas in the Garden

Every garden has a trouble spot or one of those areas that you just never get right the first time you design it. For me it is the front flowerbed right up against the living room window.

Whats Blooming in the Garden & I need your help

perennial plants

Gorgeous weather begets gorgeous blooms in my backyard. So I thought I'd share a few shots of what's been going on in that area.

Also, I have a problem area I am going to share with you and ask for your help so look for that at the end of this article.

How to Repel Deer

How to repel or deter Deer from your garden and flower beds.

Repelling Deer is a gardeners worst nightmare. If Gardeners had their choice, they'd rather battle weeds for days, rather than Deer. There are some things you can do to deter them and keep them away from your favorite plants or shrubs.

Spring Tulips

Spring Pink Tulips

The first joy of a spring garden is the Tulip. My garden work of planting more spring bulbs last fall has paid off.

Garden Update and Potting up some Plants

French inspired Spring Wreath

Garden season is in full swing over here with every snip that I prune. So I thought I'd just do a look around of what I have been working on in the past month, and take you with me.

Top 15 Gardens in the USA

top 15 Gardens

Visiting the top 15 Gardens in the United States is something that every gardener wants to do, and I am no exception. 
I am not going to tout too many profound or descriptive adjectives to further their cause.

These gardens, speak for themselves.

Over 20 Shade Loving Perennials & Annuals

Over 20 Shade Loving Perennials  & Annuals

Hi friends. If you are like me, you are planning or doing research for your garden constantly. Being a gardener is a year round activity with very little down time.

Butterfly Attracting Plants

Top 15 Plants to attract Butterflies to your garden

Best Perennials to attract butterflies to your garden.

One of the things I do during down time away from the garden or during winter, is research on what new additions I want to add or new bugs I want to attract to my yard. 

I decided to put together the top 15 plants that you can sit back and watch butterflies flock to your yard and give you that feeling that only a true gardener knows.

Top Blog Posts for 2017

Hi guys! I wanted to share you some reflection I have been doing before 2018 hits. So below is a recap of my top 15 blog posts and the most viewed.

Fall Garden Tour

Garden Photos |

Garden Photos

Taking some pictures of my flowerbeds in Fall always inspires me for the next season.

I always have dreams of Spring blooms, fresh colors and new textures that are going to arise when the snow melts.


Gardening | 

Planting perennials in the garden on a budget.

Hi guys!

I am jumping right in to showcase a couple of quick changes I made in the garden. Just in time for Fall.

But next year this Ivory Halo Dogwood and the Ornamental Chives will be pure delight for this gardener!

Garden Art - Upcycling Chandelier

Garden Art | 

Creative uses for an old chandelier; turn it into garden art

The garden art chandelier I designed has been updated to have character, lighting and plants. Plus a little surprise. Some of the parts are interchangeable!


Trees |

How to buy and pick a tree.

Hi guys! I am happy to say we are still adding the fun touches to the backyard. This week I sat down and wrote out a list of pros and cons of trees and I hope I picked a good one for our backyard.

Making a list of things to avoid really helped, especially when you see how beautiful some of these trees are.

Yard Art - Trash to Treasure

yard art 

Yard art - trash to treasure in the garden

Hi guys. 

I thought I'd share another yard art project that we did for our front yard. Yard art is one way I like to add that artistic touch in my yard.

Watering Garden

Irrigation system | 

The best tips and tricks for using a soaker hose to irrigate your flower beds and shrubs.

Using an irrigation system to keep flower beds nice and watered is truly a learning process, so I thought I should share some of things I learned.

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