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Backyard Project - Birdhouse with a View

Backyard Project - Birdhouse with a View

This DIY project is for the birds. Literally. Using a box I picked up at a Flea Market, let me show you how I made a Birdhouse with a View.

Top Blog Posts for 2017

Hi guys! I wanted to share you some reflection I have been doing before 2018 hits. So below is a recap of my top 15 blog posts and the most viewed.

Garden Art - Upcycling Chandelier

Garden Art | 

Creative uses for an old chandelier; turn it into garden art

The garden art chandelier I designed has been updated to have character, lighting and plants. Plus a little surprise. Some of the parts are interchangeable!

Yard Art - Trash to Treasure

yard art 

Yard art - trash to treasure in the garden

Hi guys. 

I thought I'd share another yard art project that we did for our front yard. Yard art is one way I like to add that artistic touch in my yard.

Backyard Update No. 2

Backyard Makeover on a Budget  

Backyard makeover on a budget

One day, one dollar, one hot day at a time. This budget backyard makeover is slow going, but it is making me so happy!


Backyard Makeover Ideas that anyone can do on a budget

Taking this barren sand dune of a backyard to an outdoor space where we can lounge, eat and maybe even enjoy a nap is getting closer and closer.

Trash to Treasure – repurposing a lantern into garden art

Yard Art 

Yard Art Project, turning trash to treasure @

Trash to treasure. One of my favorite things to do when I am not gardening. Turning something broken into something beautiful.

If you have read my blog you know I love lanterns, and living south of Chicago, I have to contend with windy conditions. Wind + lanterns equals broken glass. At least around my house, that is what it equals and this poor thing was on the front porch. The porch is supposed to be a safe zone. Least it was.

Yard Art Fest - Rusty Metal Bird Feeder using metal scrap

Make your own Bird Feeder ot of scrap leftover materials.
Turning leftover scrap material into a gorgeous bird feeder that becomes yard art in the garden.

Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier

Chandelier Makeover

Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
It's that time again for another inspiration filled Yard Art Project for your yard.

How To Make A Yard Art Candlelier

Thrift store makeover on dated light fixtures

Turning trash to treasure for the garden is a great way to up-cycle old lamps an chandeliers.

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