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Christmas Decorations to make at Home

Christmas Decorations to make at Home

christmas decorations to make at home

Hi guys! I wanted to share an idea I had for soe outdoor Christmas decorations. I started browsing about a month ago and was shocked at the prices. Plus I don't know if I even need to mention this out loud but

I am not a blow up decor kinda gal. It's not my style to have a plastic Rudolph sitting in my yard. Pisser would have a fit. 

Also, because if I were to buy the items I conjure up in my blonde brain, I'd pay a fortune and hubby works cheap.

Holiday Front Porch

Christmas Porch Ideas |

Holiday Decor Ideas

Decorating my front porch for Christmas is one of the things I look forward to most.

It's also the one area I agonize over too. 

Holiday Kitchen Tour for Christmas

Christmas Decor in the Kitchen | 

Christmas Decor in the kitchen - a holiday tour for people on a budget.

It's time to celebrate Christmas with a tour of my kitchen. The workhouse of any house. 

Since there is always a blonde barefoot in this kitchen making something, I kept is simple with the decor.

Dining Room Decorated for Christmas

Christmas Decor in the Dining Room | 

Dining Room Decorated for the Christmas Holiday

Merry Christmas and welcome to another peek into my holiday decor. Today I am sharing what I did in the Dining Room.

Living Room Tour for Christmas

Family Room Decor Ideas

Decorating my Living Room for Christmas is always a task I never take lightly. This is the time when it's really getting a workout.

So it has to shine for me.

Christmas Tree Reveal

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Out of every blog post or article I write, this one is always my favorite.

I love when the Christmas tree decorations get revealed! This is how I always start giving a holiday tour to my home. This year I have really tried to spend that extra little moment with the details.

Holiday Decorating Ideas - The Entry is Done!

Holiday Decorating

I added some holiday decor to my entry. Keeping it simple but also trying to do something totally different then what I have done in past years was a lot harder then I thought.

Christmas Decor for the Entryway

Christmas Decor for the Entryway

Entryway decorated for Christmas

Are you sick of holiday decorations yet? No, me neither. I kept it easy and rustic for this area.

Christmas Holiday Kitchen Tour

Christmas Holiday Kitchen Tour

Ok, I finally was able to get my kitchen decorated for Christmas. I tried to keep it simple, easy and timeless.

I sometimes like to go a bit trendy in one room of my house but, this year I decided to keep things simple and elegant.

Christmas Tablescape Using Fresh Greenery

Holiday Entertaining 

Setting a Casual Dinner party table

Christmas tablescapes are one of my favorites to set. Especially when I use fresh greenery as a centerpiece!

Christmas Tablescape using Purple and Metallic Colors

Christmas Tablescape

Holiday Tablescape

Who doesn’t love setting a Christmas tablescape?

The holiday season also gets me so inspired to really do some pretty holiday décor, especially in my dining room!

Hot Cocoa Station for Christmas

Hot cocoa anyone?

Is there anything better that can warm you up and say Merry Christmas then making them a homemade hot cocoa?

Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

Christmas Decorating | 

Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorations in my Dining Room, boy am I excited to show you this room! I admit that this holiday décor has been done for a week. But as I predicted, the minute I called it done, the Sun disappeared.


For a week!

Living Room Decorated for Christmas

Christmas Decorations 

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Happy Holidays! 

The Living Room is all decked out for the Christmas Holiday, so how about a tour

Christmas Kitchen Tour

Using simple and elegant touches, adding Holiday Decor doesn't have to be time consuming.

I snapped a few pictures of my kitchen decked out for the Christmas holiday. The sun finally cooperated and came out so I could get some decent shots!

Decorating the front porch for Christmas and Outdoor Christmas Lights

Beautiful Holiday Lights outside

Take a tour of my outdoor Holiday Lighting and the front porch decorated for Christmas. 

I used all white lights, including icicle lights and regular string lights.

Christmas Décorating in the Entry

Christmas Décor in the Entry @

Holiday Decorating in my entryway. 

Using silvers, whites and some rustic touches it didn't take me long at all. 

Christmas Dining Room Tour with a Buffet Tablescape

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas. Take a rustic dining room tour using the outdoors as inspiration.

Holiday Dining Room Tour with a Christmas Tablescape

Well, the holidays have officially started. I lost my temper. Ok, maybe that's a simplification, let's just say I put a twenty something year old in his place.

How does that sound?

Plus I finished decorating my dining room for the Christmas holidays, so I can cross 2 things off my list.

Decorating a Christmas Tree with a woodland Rustic Feel

Christmas Tree Decorating

Using burlap, icy faux greenery and a small budget I took a skinny tree to the designer level for Christmas.

Take a look!

Christmas Wish List Giveaway

Happy Holidays from Rustic & Refined!

I have joined some amazing people to have a HUGE Holiday Contest where you can win prizes valued over $100!

It is time for the Christmas Wish List Giveaway!  

22 of the most amazing bloggers from 2 countries have gotten together to offer 22 prize packages for this year's Christmas Wish List Giveaway! 

Each blogger has gathered some of their favorite items from their own wish list and put together a gift for you!
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