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July Blooms - Easy to care for Perennials

July Blooms - Garden Inspiration and Ideas

The best perennials for the garden

I wanted to share a couple of perennials that I have in my garden, that give me a lot of blooms, for very little work or care. 

Garden Photo's for Early June

Garden Photos

I thought I would give an update on the garden flower bed in the front yard. And play with my tripod as the sun goes down.

Late Spring Garden Flowers

Garden Photos

Garden Photos showing you what's blooming for late spring.

Summer Garden Tour with Hydrangeas, Daisy’s, Phlox, Coreopsis and Much More

Summer Garden Tour with tons of beautiful color!

Trash to Treasure – repurposing a lantern into garden art

Yard Art 

Yard Art Project, turning trash to treasure @

Trash to treasure. One of my favorite things to do when I am not gardening. Turning something broken into something beautiful.

If you have read my blog you know I love lanterns, and living south of Chicago, I have to contend with windy conditions. Wind + lanterns equals broken glass. At least around my house, that is what it equals and this poor thing was on the front porch. The porch is supposed to be a safe zone. Least it was.

Perennial Garden Blooms in my Backyard

Perennial Garden Blooms in my Backyard

Well, yesterday was a productive day! I had a weirdo episode (again), LiveWriter finally started working again, (Thank you microsoft! and G+ for working things out) and the sun came out so I could snap some pic's of whats blooming.

Yard Art Fest - Rusty Metal Bird Feeder using metal scrap

Make your own Bird Feeder ot of scrap leftover materials.
Turning leftover scrap material into a gorgeous bird feeder that becomes yard art in the garden.

Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier

Chandelier Makeover

Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
It's that time again for another inspiration filled Yard Art Project for your yard.

Trimming Around Flower Beds

Garden Maintenance

How to trim around flower beds

I am going to share my secret for trimming around a massive amount of flower beds...A lot of you know I have about 140 square feet of Garden around my house and Garage. 

July Summer Garden Tour 2014

Summer Garden Tour showcasing tons of flowers and shrubs

Let's take a nice quiet stroll and look at some flowerbeds in my front and backyard shall we?

I Want Rose Colored Glasses!!

Ohhh the things I've seen....sometimes these things keep me up at night. Because I wonder...have I had the weirdo magnet all my life?

or have I just gotten "ed-u-ma-cated" enough to finally give it a name?


How To Make A Yard Art Candlelier

Thrift store makeover on dated light fixtures

Turning trash to treasure for the garden is a great way to up-cycle old lamps an chandeliers.

Gardens on an Indiana Prairie

Gardening Inspiration showcasing flowers and shrubs

I thought you'd appreciate a Garden Tour of a gorgeous Landscape Nursery here in Northwest Indiana.

Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour

Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour

I shared my front yard flower beds a couple of weeks ago, now I'll give you a walk through my backyard.

 As far as I am concerned the Oakleaf Hydrangea is a showstopper...

Mid Summer Garden Stroll 2013 - A Flower Showcase

I thought you might appreciate some flowers....from the comfort of your favorite chair and with the A/C running...

June Garden Tour 2013

Doing yard work 
Ya ever feel like I'm getting too old for this? I cut some peonies from the front yard to enjoy them inside

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