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Warming up the Dining Room

Warming up a space in winter time without spending a ton of money.

During Winter time, especially after holiday decorations have been taken down, the lack of greenery and warmth seems to disappear. The need for cozy blankets, plush socks and a general feeling of warmth is an urgent need in my home.

Dining Room Decorated for Christmas

Dining Room Decorated for Christmas

Dining room decorated for christmas

Each room I decorated this year I am taking my time on. I still feel that tension to try and get it done as fast as I can but when I look back and see pictures of all the rustic detail I've added to the tree in the dining room? I'm glad I took my time! The Dining Room calls me at night especially. The tree lights and lights just draw me in there every night, just to gaze and stare.

Dining Room

rustic dining room gets a new paint color in a quick and easy diy weekend project

There is something about picking just the right paint color for a room that makes any hobby interior decorator feel like a million bucks.

Decorating the Dining Room & Dining Table with Timeless Vintage Appeal

Decorating the Dining Table and Dining Room for the Holidays with classic timeless and vintage appeal

Decorating my Dining room for the holidays is usually one of my favorite things to do. Is there anything more festive then a gorgeous dining table for a tablescaper?

Dining Room - adding winter warmth

Hi Friends! It's been awhile, I know. 

The dining room has seen some artwork changes that I am thrilled to show you, so pull up a chair and let's catch up while I share the updates to this room.

Dining Room Holiday Decor

Christmas Decor in the Dining Room

Hi Guys, I've got the halls decked in the Dining room and I thought it was time to show ya!

I put tiny touches of Christmas through out, because I love decking out the dining room with seasonal decor.

Dining Room

Dining Room Tour showcasing Farmhouse / Industrial Style

Decorating the Dining Room by combining farmhouse and industrial for a wonderful eclectic casual mix.

This definitely seems to be a style I love and can relate too.

Updating a Dated Chandelier

Updating a dated chandelier

Updating a dated chandelier to save money - what the faux painters don't tell you.

Updating a dated 1980's brass chandelier turned out more "fun" than I originally thought. And by fun I mean; I thought I was brilliant and would totally be able to paint this dated brass thing into a treasure that we would want to keep forever.

Muted Colors Tablescape

Farmhouse style with Hygge Elements in the Dining Room

The dining room facelift is still ongoing but I decided to do a soft and pretty tablescape.

Just to enjoy some of the new views I am getting, since we gave the windows a new coat of paint.

Updated Windows in the Dining Room

Dining Room Updates

Well that didn't take long. The old orange glow wood windows that are original to the house got a new look.

And they look so much better!

Dining Room Update

Dining Room Update - New curtains

Doing updates around the house is one of my favorite escapes from bills. laundry.

I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Winter Tablescape to warm up the Dining Room

Winter Decor | 

Casual yet pretty winter tablescape for entertaining everyday.

Winter is definitely here with the temps dropping down to a blistery twelve degrees. So warming up my dining room seemed to be on my mind today.

Dining Room Decorated for Christmas

Christmas Decor in the Dining Room | 

Dining Room Decorated for the Christmas Holiday

Merry Christmas and welcome to another peek into my holiday decor. Today I am sharing what I did in the Dining Room.

How to Install a Barn Door

How to Hang a Sliding Barn Door | 

Tips on installing a barn door

Well, it's finally done. I can yell Taa Daa. At least until we get the new trim installed around the doors.

I can say without a doubt, with the utmost certainty

that this used to be the UGLIEST damn closet in my home.

How to make a Barn Door

Tutorial on how to make a barn door

How to make a barn door

I have been wanting to find a solution for an odd closet in the Dining Room for quite some time.

Well, today I get to share what we have finally got around to doing. Making our own barn door for a tiny closet.

DIY Wall Decor

How to create cheap wall art or wall decor for your home

diy art for very little money

Do It Yourself cheap artwork or wall decor for your home. I don't know about you but I am always on the prowl for new pictures or artwork to fill up blank wall spaces. 

Or worse; to update the look of home without breaking the bank!

Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

Christmas Decorating | 

Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorations in my Dining Room, boy am I excited to show you this room! I admit that this holiday décor has been done for a week. But as I predicted, the minute I called it done, the Sun disappeared.


For a week!

Summer Dining Room Tour with Farmhouse Dining Table

Summer Dining Room Tour with Farmhouse Dining Table

Take a Summer Tour for a Rustic Dining Room to show you the industrial style table and rustic touches I have added. 

I might be making some changes in here if we get a rainy weekend as I think the wall color is missing the mark.

Christmas Dining Room Tour with a Buffet Tablescape

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas. Take a rustic dining room tour using the outdoors as inspiration.

Holiday Dining Room Tour with a Christmas Tablescape

Well, the holidays have officially started. I lost my temper. Ok, maybe that's a simplification, let's just say I put a twenty something year old in his place.

How does that sound?

Plus I finished decorating my dining room for the Christmas holidays, so I can cross 2 things off my list.

A Fall Night Tablescape

A Fall Night Tablescape using antlers, white dishes and gorgeous ceramic pumpkins

This is me, easing into the Christmas Holidays, with a chilly white Thanksgiving Tablescape.

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