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Garden Inspiration & Motivation

Home Gardening | 


A garden at home has become an oasis to me. Life can get so hum drum or hectic from one day to the next, that we as adults can forget what is important.

But for me, when I have spent a day weeding or digging in the dirt, I always end up sitting back and reflecting on my work.

Porch - Summer 2017

Porch | 


Sitting on my shaded front porch in summertime is one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day.

It's my zen place.

Backyard Reveal

Backyard |

Backyard - Budget patio makeover

I am calling this backyard makeover officially done! Using some DIY muscle, tenacity and good old fashioned will power, we took this barren backyard and turned into a spot that even on the hottest days, we will want to spend time in.

And on a budget too!

June Garden Tour

Garden | 


June is a gardeners favorite month. Ok, April through November are the favorites, but who is counting.


DIY a Backyard Fountain

A Do It Yourself water feature or fountain that can be done in hours for any type of yard and budget.

Creating a water fountain or water feature has been such a rewarding diy project. The sound it makes literally washes away the stress of the day.

So join me in this tutorial, where I walk you through how we made it.


Patio | 

Do It Yourself weekend project a new backyard patio using pea gravel

When I was dreaming of a backyard patio, I had several visions in my head. One stood out and I would call it timeless.

Backyard - Update 4

Backyard DIY Projects Part 4

Taking a shady barren backyard and making it a garden filled oasis one dollar at a time.

 Friday was a good day! Simply because I had free labor and everything went as planned.

Even better actually. My daughter and her BFF had some free time and asked if I had any projects that  I needed help with.

Backyard Update No. 2

Backyard Makeover on a Budget  

Backyard makeover on a budget

One day, one dollar, one hot day at a time. This budget backyard makeover is slow going, but it is making me so happy!

Spring Garden

Garden ideas for a color packed low maintenance flower packed yard

There is nothing like the beauty of a garden you built from scratch to give you amazing curb appeal as well as a huge sense of accomplishment.


Backyard Makeover Ideas that anyone can do on a budget

Taking this barren sand dune of a backyard to an outdoor space where we can lounge, eat and maybe even enjoy a nap is getting closer and closer.

Privacy Screen

Privacy screen

Having a nice privacy screen in our backyard is really coming in handy to block the view we don't want to see. That's the bonus of creating the perfect privacy screen.

Backyard Makeover - Part 2


One day at a time we have been working in the backyard.

Trying to create a space that on our worst day, we want to spend time in.


Tulip Tour through a Spring Garden in Zone 5

Garden Tour with gorgeous Spring tulips.

My favorite time of year, especially in the Spring, is when my tulips bloom. Last year I planted over 50 and so far they are not disappointing me!

Backyard Makeover on a Budget

Backyard Makeover on a Budget

After having my entire backyard re-graded, I  needed to create an oasis on a budget.

And fast!

Garden Update for April

Container Garden with tons of color

Garden ideas for the backyard with yard art and container gardens.

Early Spring Garden Maintenance

Garden Bed Ideas | 

Garden Bed Ideas

I try to showcase my garden beds at least 5 times a year. Well this year I decided to start the season off by using a new color mulch and also to give a tour before all those gorgeous blooms start showing up. 

So you can really see the layout and design. 

Top Ten Gardening Tips and Chores for Spring

Top ten gardening tips and chores to do that will get your garden off to a great start every Spring.

Top ten gardening tips and chores to do that will get your garden off to a great start every Spring.
Every Spring I have certain tasks or chores that need to get done in order for me to be able to garden with ease.

So I thought I'd share them with you. 

Farmhouse Porch for Spring

Porch decorating ideas using Pantone's color of 2017 on a budget to welcome friends and family in style!

Lets have a picnic shall we? I feel like some laughs, some great food and let's invite spring into it too shall we?

So if a bunny or two shows up, we'll have plenty of entertainment.

Backyard Patio on a Budget

Backyard Patio & Landscape Ideas

Informal Garden - A Side Yard Garden Path using shades of Gray  - Glenview, Illi

The last couple of years we have had such plumbing issues with sump pumps that our backyard really took some hits.

I mean big, ugly, 20 tons of sand, hits. 

DIY Projects on a Budget

DIY Projects | 

Hi guys! I have been enjoying a couple days off from posting on the blog. Truth be told I had planned on just doing the link party this Sunday and then hitting it again next week with posting twice a week.

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